12 April 2007

bookclub: divine secrets

my book for the trip home was "divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood" by rebecca wells.

i can't remember how i ended up with a copy of this book, especially since it is one that i never wanted to read. i didnt see the movie, either. i guess it's the title that scared me off. divine? sisterhood? uh-oh, where are they going with this.

however, i honestly enjoyed (most of) the book. it's basically the story of two generations of women, set primarilly in louisianna. most of the book is made up of memories and stories, jumping back and forth across time and letting the reader in on the relationships of sidda and her mother, to each other and those around.

i'm not sure that i would go so far as to recommend the book, but i enjoyed it none the less.


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