18 March 2007

lego.. (or lets go)

this post was meant for later this week, but since its finished, i'll just put it up ahead of time..

so now i am on my way to dallas. i won't have much time while i'm there, though, because i am going to the wedding of these fine two people:

i'm lilly's maid of honor (and did i mention i set them up??) so i will be dressed like this:

in case you want to join the lego-party, just follow the link and "create yourself", as we'd say at beloit..


At 18:15, Blogger Kelly said...

my suit will NOT be white.

At 19:28, Blogger dfwtvman said...

Well, Kelly, you'd have matched your beautiful bride if you had! Great seeing you and meeting her. I'll call you after the honeymoon, when reality calls you back to Dallas, in a week or so. Y'all looked very happy!


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