18 April 2007

back again/ gone again

i arrived in bremen yesturday at 2:10pm after 21 hours of travel. it was good to finally get off the plane(s). it was a long trip, and i couldn't sleep. it's a good thing they provided alot of on board entertainment. i had a little private tv on the overseas flight, and a good book..

the airlines provided a wheelchair and electric carts at all the airports to help me deboard and get to the next flight. i didnt need the wheelchair so much, but with my back in the shape it was, i was glad to not have to walk- especially in the huge amsterdam airport where i only had a half hour to change! they even drove me out to the runway in a van. talk about red carpet treatment!

in bremen i was greeted by olli from cafe chance, who read about my arrival on my german blog, and decided to meet me! that was awesome, because i was very tired and my bags were rather cumbersome. i then decided to go to work, despite my tiredness. and i think it went well, its all sort of dream-like..
tommorro i leave again for the ACL Forum, a meeting of christians working with drug addicts.


At 21:08, Anonymous Kate said...

I can't wait until our trip to come across some coveniently located cocaine with you, celebrate my birthday in style with an elephant crazy trunk thingy, and synchronize our airplaine exiting. Hey why stop there? We should also synchronize our eurail exiting.


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