22 April 2007

ACL Conference II: the content

ok, so here is the overview of the seminar:
the first morning it was about "cause and effect of demonic force and how to deal with it" (wow- the title doesnt translate well at all). i thought it interesting to hear him talk about cult practices and satanic rituals, especially the first hand account he read of a girl who had been abused in a ritual. i want to read the book it is out of.
that afternoon the politician in charge of drug politics spoke to us in a rather dry yet informative lecture about the current stance taken by the european union on drugs.
in the evening i went to a workshop on "how to form an ACL house." basically, the ACL is an umbrella for organisations of all sizes working with these fringe groups. therefore, my hope house is a candidate for membership, and i am in the process of doing that. the benefit is admissions to two more seminars a year, and admission in the official list of organisations, which helps to get support and volunteers (i hope).
saturday the topic was "the way to proper relaxation- support and encouragement for volunteers." i can't say much about it, because i was laying on the floor and couldn't take notes... :-)
in the afternoon we visited the "help center" a therepy in buchenau (falkos home town). i thought the best thing about it is that they take people in without charge.
ok, that's it. the main focus of the seminar was connections, so thats what i spent the rest of my time making..


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