14 May 2007

backpackers way

so, in true backpacker style, soon after writting my last blog entry, we checked out our plans for hostels for the next week, and decided we dont like them. we also got an email asking us to visit a friend two days later than planned. so, instead of moving on today to genova as planned, or florence as we had thought of (no hostel rooms available) we immediately picked up our backpacks and boarded a train for switzerland. hey, why not? so we are in a small swiss village visiting my friend sibe, and enjoying that life can be very easy-going. its a good break from the loud hostels and the jam-packed tourist cities. she made us an awesome dinner with lotsa veggies. otherwise we have been reading alot, and being quiet. and walking. nicenice. i want to upload some pics, but she doesnt havea card reader :-/


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