03 May 2007

the gear

ah, yes.. every good backpacking trip around europe begins with the right companions. i was pretty sure already that kate and i were a good fit, but today a new member joined our journey: gregory chaos. he's a sturdy fellow, well built and quite a looker. he's strong and reliable, and wont bog us down. yes, i am glad to say, he is a good backpack. and what more- after trying dozens and dozens at as many stores, i found mr chaos, and knew it was a match. everything seemed great, i just wanted to see if i would be okay with him if he weighed more. and then the real shock- the lady said he was already full! so, in other words, i the person who cannot carry anything, can now carry a fully loaded backpack, due to the joys of modern technology. and he is rather cute, isnt he?

poor kate had a nap on a camping cot while i spent the last few hours deciding who i wanted to take home with me. we made it up by celebrating a halfway sucessful cuban night. we left out the cigars, and unfortunatly, the film we got turned out to not be in englisch.. oops.. but the food at the local haba cubana was great.

ps: mom, is my license there yet? please mail it to me!!


At 19:46, Blogger Murray said...

Great looking bag


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