24 April 2007

delayed death anouncement

tonight at cafe chance i was told of the death of one of our guests, christian. aparently, he died of an overdose while i was in the states. i don't have his picture, because he was a rather private kind of guy. he always wrote in his notebooks, strange and hard to follow prose and poetry. he played chess. and he like to discuss philosophy and religion. some of the others called him proffessor behind his back. he was tall, thin, and had long red hair. he was in his mid-thirties. christian had gone to detox, and was decided on a christian therepy. he never made it there. he's number 5 so far this year, last year 6 of my people died. i'm starting to have trouble remembering all the names.

christian, helmuth, michael, zara, thomas, horst...


At 20:11, Anonymous Kate said...

I'm sorry to hear that. My Grandma's brother died last night. He was part of my Wisconsin connection and I feel like I have not many connections. Anyway, I just wanted to check in cause I've sent you 3 emails but you haven't seen to gotten any of them! I am very swamped with getting my lawyer up to speed etc. and I'm sad to say that the oil tank thing will follow me over to Europe :( I can't guarentee I'll be on aim before I leave. But I arrive in Bremen at 2:25 pm. on Friday and will definitely call you from Frankfurt. Can't wait to see you Cate.


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