13 May 2007


greetings from milan!
we are spending the weekend here before going on..
yesturday my friend sibe from switzerland met us at the train and helped us find our ellusive youth hostile. then we went out to see the dom cathedral- where a service was in progress! and have coffee.
the hostil is.. well.. not as nice as the one in venice..
today we went to visit the chiesa christiana evangelica stadera, the church of roby and rose roberts (my parents friends since decades). unfortunately, after such a long trip and a brisk jog to get there, they were out of town. but i did see their son daniel, who looked exactly like he did the last time i saw him (when i was 8 and he younger..) he recognised me, too..
the highlight though was meeting an american lady who sold everything she owns to move to italy and become a christian filmmaker. we called her the gratzi gramma. she showed us a great italian-chineese-south american food place, and we talked a long time about film, italy, and life. i really liked her and will plan to stay in toug├╣ch (not only because she owns her own studio with all the filmmakers toys..)
tommorro we will go to......
? maybe genova, maybe florence.. maybe switzerland....
:-) thats the backpackers life


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