10 May 2007


hey.. venice is.. WOW. can i say that again? W O W.
some lady just walked up and handedme 15minutes of net time for free. how cool is that?
yesturday we saw the rialto bridge (which we live at) and some of the old town.. had a gondola ride and made "good friends" with the gondolier.... ;-)
the food was bad so far, except the german wiener schnitzel..
but the climate is perfect, and themajority of the people friendly. especially those with boats.
the next stop is milano, we go there saturday to meet a friend of mine from switzerland. sunday we will go to the roberts church (missionary friends of the family). i havent reached them yet, but i have directions i took from an italian website.. hmm..


At 13:13, Anonymous Alida the 'master chef' :-) said...

Hey cate, you missed mariana by about a month!!!! she's back in SA now.


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