06 June 2007


we finally did make it to madrid. we stayed at a place called the mad hostel, and got a room for 4 and its own bathroom instead of a 6 bed room, because we were a day late. they didnt charge us more, though! and the guy was really serious about not wanting to make us pay for the night we had to cancell last minute. our roommates turned out to be two american guys, kyle and ira from california. they were a pretty cool duo. we spent the day walking around and saw alot of the important sites on accident. there arent that many in madrid. the one museum i was looking the most forward to, the modern art, was closed! bah. so we had bad lunch instead. aparently, a hamburger in spain is a ham burger. when we stopped back at the room to make plans for own next stop, we met up with the guys again, who also needed to go make reservations. the four of us spent an eternity at the station, and then went to dinner. since they had never had indian food, the cate conspiracy had to corrupt them. they loved it. afterwards we went to a place called juglar for drinks and hung out a long time.
this morning we left for san sebastian, on the northern coast of the basque region.


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