31 May 2007


so, barcelona was nice and all, but the canaries are..teneriffic!
we left our hostel at 2am for a bus to girona where we caught a 6 am flight to tenerife, to a bus that took us to the south of the island.. and after eating again finally, and sleeping a bit finally, we went out to enjoy the beach!! its volcanic sand, dark grey and rather nice. its our first sandy beach, so we are making the most of it. the waters warm enough to swim, and here are a few waves..
unfortunately kate is still really feeling icky, so we mainly take it easy. i feel alot better now.. made it through the last night with both lungs in place, thats a good change!
we´ll be here two more nights, then the capital a night, then back to spain.. we just havent decided where yet. we´ll probably be cutting our trip short, because of health mainly.


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