26 June 2007

berlin, birthday, and beyond

so in berlin we had a great time checking out the historical museums- ddr and the wall. and meeting with haso, a pastor and thinker in the german alternative church scene (who would pass for my dad age and style wise). we made it to a free concert in the rain one night, and went out to a lounge and concert the next.

in prague we did the walking tour. we also randomly happened upon a free outdoor concert of cool music. and we ate really well. it was kates bday eve, and we were at a famouse place at midnight, where i sang embarassingly loud and gave her a few small things.

then on the bday itself we took a 5 hour train ride to vienna, checked into our hostel and met with some of my jesus freaks friends for dinner and drinks and cake. and went out to a dance place, because thats what kate likes.

today we saw vienna... it really has something increadible around every corner. hard to take it all in. and tonight we went to a skatellites concert.

tommorro we leave for budapest, then croatia..


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