13 June 2007

arrived in amsterdam

we bid brussels fairwell, after a good two dazs and some time spent with jim and anne mills, and headed for amsterdam today, where we met with miri for dinner. the time was short but good. this is our last stop before halftime, and man will we be glad to do laundry.


At 10:22, Anonymous Kate said...

Hey Cate, I just wanted to say thanks for documenting The Trip in your cool cate way. You are oh che with me. By the way, according to wiki, che's bday was two days ago (june 14th) and we didn't do anything celebrate. Maybe tonight at el mariachi? we could rename it el mariache what do you say?

At 10:51, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

your o-che with me, too..
i think we should definately celebrate his bday! how could we not? he is our trip mate! should we use the stripped candles?
maybe find some DBFxx??


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