05 July 2007

10km? me? I DID IT

yes, thats right. on the fourth of july we left florence (which i am afraid we didnt like so much) and arrived quite tired in a group of five little italian villages called cinque terra. i had first heard mention of them from simone in bremen, but along the way it seemed like everyone we meant raved.. so we came.

what they are is five really picturesque towns along the northern coast connected by a strenuous 10 kilometer hike. we set up camp (ok, we are staying with a cute italian lady who is a story in and of herself) in vernazze and completed the most difficult 4 km section of the hike last night. this morning at 9 we set out to meet people for the other sections of the hike... and that after being out till 3 am.

we ended up completing it in good time, and really enjoying ourselves. well, the beginning pain and panting aside.. i feel good. i DID it. yup.


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