13 August 2007

two new

this sunday we had a double baptism.. two of my people, harry and jo.



the blessing.

the most special part for me was after, when harry sat down with me and presented me with a graffitti-style card he'd made. it says "oasis" in styled letters and has a Bible verse about faith, hope and love on it. he said that one of the main things that had helped him to make the decision last winter to keep comming to street group and the freaks was that he felt he could just be there, around people who do him good. he said i'm a big part of that, with the hope house where he is always welcome. i couldn't baptise him because of my foot, but he just wanted me to know i was part of the whole thing.

for my part, i said it was cool to see how far he's come. he still has a ways to go, but he made it into a more stable place in life, is in outpatient therepy and has become part of a stable group of friends. he is learning to use his creative talents for good purposes and not just vandalism, and his hunger for God is growing.

i was excited to see jo aspire to this step, but i am not sure if i would have made the decision to baptise him if it had been up to me. there are still some faith issues he needs to get sure on.. he's comming out of the buhdist arena. the main one that i find odd is he believes in the holy 9, not trinity..


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