29 July 2007

psalters surprise

i meantioned a band in an earlier post called the psalters.. they became my favorite sound for difficult times over the winter. and somehow, that makes their appearence at freakstock even more apropriate.

due to the foot thing, i wasn't having a very good time at freakstock. i couldnt take pain killers because of the inner bleeding, and i couldnt really get around. that meant being dependent on security to come by my tent before i could go to the restroom, trying to get people to bring me coffee, and not being able to make it across the field to the worship time. it was especially hard to be helpless and having people pass me over. and did i mention it really hurt? so after a day of sitting on the sidelines, and needing an hour to jump over to the port-o-potty, i was talking to a few people about how to get away from freakstock and back to a bed somewhere.

"hey.. do you know who i am?" i turned and saw an unmis- takeable apearence- but one thats completely out of place in germany. justin, who was also in LA and working on murr's 27 people show three and a half years ago. i was like "NO WAY." he's with the psalters (which i knew) and touring europe (which i didn't).

so i hung out with him, and the others from the band for most of the festival. it was really cool to meet with people who are on the same wave-length, doing the kinda stuff i am into doing, and loving God. i think the motto of this freakstock for me turned out to be "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." dealing with the foot and all that brought with it was the bad, meeting up with old friends and new the good. and both taught me alot.


At 10:56, Blogger DaveShack said...

cate, thanks for posting this. I happened to check in with your blog and was happy to find Justin there. We hadn't heard from him since he left for Europe, so it was nice to get the update. And a blessing on your longsuffering for coping with that leg. Grace is the only grease that slides us through our own curses into being able to bless others. Thanks for walking the Way.

At 12:08, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

hey dave.. yeah, i was happy to find justin there, too..
the leg's getting better.. i can put some weight on it, just not move it..
hope things are well for yall up north.


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