29 July 2007

tricky footwork

(not for the weak of stomache)

i was deturmined this year to enjoy freakstock and to recoup a bit. i only volunteered in the drug counseling department (and not in three to five departments as usual), planned to go to seminars and concerts, to see friends, and i was in good shape physically. the was is operative in that sentence. after surviving the set-up with no more clean dry clothes and a deep desire to never play beach volleyball or do dishes again, "it" happened.

i was joking around with a friend, and warned him not to be rough because i was worried about my no longer back starting to hurt. so he picked me up, thereby loosing his balance and fell forward slamming me down hard on my laft ankel at a pretty 90degree angle. it didnt roll, it just cracked. before either of us really knew what was going on i had let out a series of high pitched screams and bit his shoulder leaving bite marks through his sweatshirt. he carried me to a bench and got security to come help, they called a doctor who is also the band manager at freakstock, and he said "hospital!" so we all prayed (well, they did, i was crying and screaming) and the friend (who is remaning nameless because he felt very, very bad), bear from security (great friend/ prayer/ supporter) and another friend driving the van took off to the gotha hospital at midnight.

my foot hurt so bad that it couldnt be touched by anything below the knee without me screaming invol- untarily. they actually gave me something to bite down on in the hospital. they x-rayed it up to the knee because the angle it was in suggested a fractured bone all the way up with possible knee break as well. it was already swollen to the size of a softball. their was also this pretty little square of bone sticking up on the side, as the foot hung at an odd angle...

the doc took a loooong time looking at the x-rays. he finally said, "i don't know how, but you didnt break anything." it ended up onlybeing two hyperextended bands (i dunno tendons or ligaments or whatever.. in german they just say "baender"), a dislocated bone, and some inner bleeding.


At 17:21, Blogger Leigh said...

Well this once again proves that we are long lost sisters/soul mates from other mothers!

I am in a walking boot b/c by walking on a treadmill, I managed to stress fracture my right foot!


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