21 August 2007

cate's date

muck invited me on a museum date for my birthday, to see the exhibit of immendorf, a famouse german artist who passed away in may. we decided to enhance the visual experience a bit by theatricizing several of the statues...

to not estrange the other guests, we spent part of the exhibit in a more normal manner...

after the museum (which was "worth seeing" but not my style) we headed over to a really nice old german restaurant. what we didn't know is that reservations are requiered and they had no two-person tables for the evening. we pulled out the charm and they said if we could order immediately and be out in an hour, we could sit at the eight man table. so we had schnitzel.


At 20:58, Anonymous Kate said...

awe I miss my german buds! Hope you're having a good time Cate as a 28 year old!


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