01 September 2007

hectic week

man.. this has been a week where i barely came to rest- literally.

it started off simply enough monday with a prayer meeting at the house.. where i led the praise and worship. it ended up going on till after midnight sometime.

tuesday i started back to cafe chance, still on crutches but a bit more mobile. and i was getting tired of sitting on the sofa all day and night. it went well, and they were all glad to see me back.

wednesday and thursday are a blurr of activity. i never had a waking minute alone. i was woken by a woman ringing the doorbell, who just needed to talk. while she was still there, melly from the freaks showed up to learn how to bake (no, it wasn't planned) and the three of us went into the kitchen. the church here has realized long ago that i can bake (thanks mom and gram) and we had a fun afternoon. durring this heiko showed up, and the woman left. then the phone rang, and it was an old friend of mine i was in africa with. she had some major issues, and i held telephone- counselling with her for almost three hours. she's in a serious place right now, with a mariage failing, etc. about the time i hung up, people were showing up for bible study, and i let them in and then met kruemel who was picking me up for my bible study. we met one of my junkies, ralf, on the street, and i asked him along. at first he said no, but then he came after us and joined. the street group then never really got around to this weeks topic (thats normal) because he started asking alot of good questions. when we got home, matze and i were just making some sandwhiches and the other bible study came down. that expanded into another prayer meeting spontaneously in the kitchen.

thursday harry came by for counseling in the morning, and ten minutes after he left, jo came by. after he left, heiko came. when i returned from the womens bible study, heiko was still there, and harry had joined him. this didnt exactly thrill me, because i hadn't let harry into my room, and heiko knew i didnt want other guest when i am not home. there had been an emergency, though, and harry had had to leave home for the night. after they left, our current guest came home. he was high, and we spent along time talking. i had to make the decision whether or not to kick him out. by the time we were to that point in the discussion, though, it was 2am. i decided he could stay, since he agreed that it had been a mistake. we then listened to part of john on cd. then he went to shower and came back sober. we ended up reading in the bible, praying, and having communion.

two hours later the construction across the street started again, and i was woken up. melly came by shortly after to bake for her birthday (well, she made noodle salad, and i baked..). it took us about 6 hours. thats alot of stuff. i was too drained to go to cafe chance, so i called in. i had a really bad migraine and tried to just go to bed. i couldnt sleep all night, even after getting up and having a hot bath. at almost seven this morning i fell asleep. i am rather zonked now, but after another hot bath and an imitrex, feeling better.

and this is a week i had "off."


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