11 October 2007

(2m+2f)-(f+m)+(2m+f)= us

so now its official. hanna and matze are hope housers! and so i thought yall might want to see them.

matze was a real birthday gift from God. he showed up on my birthday and stayed. since then he has been granted a sublease contract from our landlord and is in the trying process of getting it approved by the government. (he is currently on unemployment- but that's a good thing. it means he is helping me fix the house up alot, and he will have a shot at his vision.) he was an electrician, but his heart is in working with kids. and he has a real talent for the more difficult cases- in kids and adults. he sits in on alot of my counseling, so that i dont have to talk alone with some of the guys that come.

hanna is just starting university in bremen, so we get her for the long haul, too. she has a heart for ministry and led a youth group in hessen that is pretty well known. it will be great having another girl around, and hopefully we will be able to find a good noise balance (our rooms are connected). we've only spent a few days with her so far, so we'll see how it goes. i am excited!


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