03 December 2007

no joke

an old joke suggests that the platapus is evidence the God has a sense of humor. but yesturday i walked right into a new punchline.

there's been some stressful stuff going on lately, so i decided to visit a different church sunday to get away from it all. i was at the international bible church, and this group of young black people my age walk in late, accompanied by an older german couple. odd, i thought. i just couldnt shake the feeling that i know the germans.. they were introduced as being from figi, and i tried to think of how i could possably know anyone from figi. no luck. but as the service progressed i became sure i had met this guy before- there was a presence about him that couldn't be mistaken, it's too rare. and then it hit me- he had been to my house a year ago! i was almost certain, and as i walked up to him after the service, i wasn't sure what to say- they had only been at the house for five minutes to pick lilly up. so i asked "this might sound really odd, but is it possible you know katrin nemitz?" and he looked at me a little confused, his eyes lit up, and he snapped his fingures "yes! and we came to your house last year, right? you lived with her?"

they introduced me to their team and asked if i would join them for dinner at the christmas market and afterwards to lead a youth group. it was fun to be back with a group of crazy ywamers and to also be able to talk to the german couple. today i spent all day with the team, showing them bremen in the cold and rain. i think the part they liked best was cafe chance (i took them into the clothes closet and suited them up with long underwear and winter coats).

so then we were back at my place drinking tea, and they asked what is causing me stress right now. i told them about the documentary and how there is no one left for me to film and time is running out. one of them asked, "is it not anything we can do?" and i said yeah, sure, but they don't have the time. then several offered at once that they would make time, i should just film their activities and they would use their next day off to give me interviews and film more scenes around town. how cool is that? i was able to bless them with warmth, and they are able to bless me with a film!


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