16 November 2007

blast from the past

tonight i didn't want to go to cafe chance. i had a bit of a headache and was feeling generally apathetic. matze and i were out back doing yard work and talking, and he made a comment: you know it'll be good then.. if you don't want to go.. every time you have felt that way, you came home all excited, talking about how great it was..

yeah, so tonight was great! the headache went away, and i went to work. there were less volunteers than usual, which i like. it makes it worth being there. when too many people are there, i often feel like i might as well be home watching a movie. the nights drag on when there is no work to do. so tonight we were busy. and quite a few guests came. not so many that i couldn't sit down, but not so few as to give lags in the conversation.

and the highlight was that jens showed up again! probably no one remembers jens, i was surprised myself to realize it's been two years since i last saw him.. i used to talk with him alot in the cafe, often walk from there to the main train station after work, and he came over a few times to talk and work on my bike. he's a younger guest- 27 now. so it was cool to hear that he is still alive, and what he's up to.

there were a few other younger guests there today, some who just recently started comming and a few for the first time. and dirk, christian, markus, detlev, harkan, ralf and uli were also all there. alot of my people. i'm listing the names this time so that yall can pray for them.


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