23 October 2007

jonothan- called to be third

this sunday i preached again- in a rather chaotic service. the key to our room was on vacation, so we met in a hallway and i had to compete in vocal ability with a group of african children. the topic was jonothan (1 samuel). i think it turned out well- i was even asked afterwards by a friend who was just visiting, if i would be interested in preaching at the international bible church sometime this winter! several said they'd never heard the topic from this perspective.

i talked about jonothan's personality. the thing that impressed me about him is that he is a background character- we hear about davis and jonothan, but always from david's perspective. yet when we read the story, it is jonothan who exhibits remarkable qualities. or, as my roommate says "he's a man to marry." he does everything he can to support and help david. and the whole time, he knows that david is going to move into the position that should, according to all of humanity, be his. but jonothan trusts in the Lord, and he accepts the Lords choice of david as king, and swears to support him. wow. there was more, but thats the drift.


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