12 November 2007


no, i wasn't in an accident, and i am not refering to my neck.

it's more of a way to discribe how i feel right now. jumping back into life full force after being on crutches so long is hard. especially since i don't just have the normal things on my plate right now, but also the stress of my current film project. and of course there is the relational/friendship level (especially within the house) that is throwing up some twists right now.

the hope house
(drug) counselling
rounds through town
cafe chance
street group
women's bible study
accountablity partner
moble cafe
dokumentary film
mt 28:19 (our evangelism week..comming soon!)
looking for theology program

i guess my foot is doing pretty well. it doesnt hurt much, just a little at night. i was going to go back to my docs this week, but the left one has suffered from storage somehow and no longer fits. otherwise i am ok. for the most part even good. i like stress.. i am wierd that way. but some of the stuff i am facing now i can't control... and thats hard to deal with and plan for.


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