26 February 2009

new hope..?

some good news for a change!

we found someone to rent matze's room for the next two months: micha. he is 35 and self-employed. he came from munich to see the room- and brought his luggage with him. he said if we will have him, he'd like to just stay.. if not he would spend the few months in a hotel. we liked him, so he stayed. that was two nights ago. he is quite nice (today he left a box of chocolates o of giving the house on the kitchen counter for us to nibble on and new espresso grounds).

and today i found a guy to rent the basement apartment for the two months: malte. he is 23 and a student of spanish and sports. he also seems nice, we talked for about an hour and he is moving in saturday.

now the reason they both are here for two months is that we cancelled the rent on the hope house. but we still havent been able to reach our landlord to see if he will let us out of the contract and on what terms. we were planning to move out on may 1. the main reason was that we couldn't find a long-term house mate. malte is currently looking for a long-term place, and might be interested in moving upstairs in a few months, meaning we could keep the hope house.... it now just depends on what the other house mates think of him (and he of them) and if they want to retract our cancellation. i am all for staying here. at the same time, i have come to a point of (almost) acceptance if we have to give the house up and/or i have to move to the south. please pray along with us on this decision.. and let us know if you hear anything.

(and yes, all the guys names are similar.. moerssl, micha and malte..)


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