17 August 2009

i'm old now.

saturday was my birthday.. and not just any.. i turned *gasp* 30.

friday night andreas took me out for croatian food (meat and more meat) then we headed over to the "socks bar" where we hung out on the patio with about 20 people from steiger. at midnight the waitress brought out a free bottle of champagne to ring in the new year-of-cate. and people started opening bags and putting gifts on the table! i was surprised.. i didnt expect gifts at a party they had to buy their own food and drinks at. when the patio closed, we went to anja's for the after party- she lives around the corner. we got to bed around 6am...

saturday we were kinda beat.. can't imagine why.. so the plan of a day trip to strassburg or a kajak tour got cancelled in leu of hanging out in the garden and going for indian food. my favorite indian place had live bluegrass music (what the?!?!) so instead of the romantic garden, we opted for the quieter inside.. but that put us closer to the evenings buffet :-) my oh my.. i think i ate more than in the entire past year. it was soooooooooooo good (and kate: you must come here and eat with me- its the best paneek paneer EVER).

sunday the big news broke: Andreas is taking me to ENGLAND to a concert of Josh Ritter (my favorite singer of the past 3 years- check him out) in oxford... and since we'll be sooo close he asked if we should stay a bit longer and see london for a few days? uhm, YEAH. so in sep i will be europes happiest little travelor. any tips for what to see and do?? (i already found an adventure boat tour and my FAV shakespeare play at the Globe).


At 23:46, Anonymous katekon said...

Cate! Happy happy birthday! I wish I could have been there; it sounds like it was a really good time! Party til 6am! You go girl! I'm really into something called Chicken Korma as an Indian dish. Anyway, I want to send you a cool gift, but I honestly don't know what you'd want. At the risk of being lame, can you give me some ideas? I will be on the radio as Kathryn August 25th at 4am (yikes!) my time which I'm guessing is...1pm your time? Anyway, I will play some Josh Ritter. You can listen at KXCI.org That's awesome that you're going to England!!! I'm so jealous! One of these days we will chat and I will visit.

At 10:20, Blogger Murray said...

30 is not old. 70 is old.

: )


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