30 June 2009

...and now?

[ok..first off, be praying for my gram.. she is in the hospital again.]

and now i have been in karlsruhe two months.. thats a rather long time and yet no time at all. you probably think it should be clear what i am doing by now. if so, i have to disappoint you.

for right now i am working with steiger but am not yet a part of their organization officially. they have a few month trial period for us to get to know each other and see if things "fit." so in that time i am keeping busy... i had a dream the night before i met with one of the elders, bryce from new zealand, that i was teaching them all german. there are alot of people here from the usa and new zealand that speak limited to no german. it bugs me. so i told him about that and he said "well great, do it- we really need that." so yeah, i am. i have no clue what i am doing though, and without real teaching materials its kinda a wobbly start.

in addition to that and occasionally cooking, i have joined a small group, am in the prayer team, and will be joining the two existing evangelistic teams, the tea partys and the euro coffee team. i am still planning to talk with david about the possibilities of preaching. i have also gotten a mentor to meet with regularly.

other than that, i am riding a bike everywhere that i borrowed from mrs smith until i can get my own. i spend the weekends at the "castle" of my prince, and really ddesire a real bed and some quiet nights (i live in a very loud place and still sleep on the folding guest bed) i met a nice girl through hospitality club and ines from the freaks, but otherwise i am lonely for some friends.

and of course i have a few practical needs to keep in mind: a good mikrowave (since our ovens broken), bed (or wood and help to build), bike, a good kitchen scale, and an internet cable.


At 11:39, Anonymous katekon said...

Hey Cate! I try to go onto aim chat between 7 and 8 pm your time during the week, but I haven't been catching you. I hope you got my last email dated 6/19. I will send another and fwd that one. I miss you! Thank you SO much for my bday gifts!!! That's great that you're going out on a bike around town I need to explore more here as well.


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