20 April 2009

the search

this weekend i was in karlsruhe looking for a room. from the many i wrote and telephoned with, there were three options to go see. one was much too junked up (a place with two art students..), one was way too upper-class (with a law student), and one was just right (like baby bears room...). please pray that they choose me!! they have several others interested and were not ready yet to make a decision. the room is 25m2 (mine here is 17m2 and all others i found less), costs only 250e (a little less than my room in bremen and the cheapest i have found in karlsruhe) and the three women roomates were all quite nice. all over thirty and a bit quieter than things have been in the hope house. the style was a cluttered non-mess.. kinda artsy and origionally decorated. hard wood floors, very high cielings, nice balcony, espresso machine.... :-)

otherwise the weekend was good in and of itself. even though i'd just seen andreas, we don't seem to get tired of spending time tpogether. his parents even bought a fold-out couch, so i had a comfy bed. we think it's their way of saying "why doesn't cate come over more?" the weather was ok, the food was awesome, and the city is.. well, i think i am actually going to like it there. as long as the summer doesnt turn out to be too hot.


At 01:07, Anonymous kate kon said...

espresso machine; it's gotta be yours! :P

At 10:13, Blogger Leigh said...

hey there's nothing wrong with law students! :) I'm praying that you get the place you want!


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