23 March 2009

minor prophets: nahum (and jonah)

yesturday was my next installment of the minor prophets sermon series. i will be preaching alot in the next few weeks, trying to get as far through my series as possible before leaving for karlsruhe. it wouldn't make sence to finish elsewhere, so any i don't get to i will come back to visit bremen for. i have business here through september at least, so that's ok.

this week i spoke on nahum.. and added in a good portion of jonah, since i skipped him in the sunday service and only covered him at street group. plus, the two just fit together.. anyone interested in what i said can check out my outline in the comments, or ask questions :-)


At 05:46, Blogger xate said...


intro to nahum:
~2nd prophet to prophecy about ninivah
~why?/ where is that?/ what does it mean for us?

~decendents from ashur, grandson of noah
~known for brutality and Godlessness
~people live on poles
~westward expansionism
~king sargon II conquered samaria in 722 and carried off people

~on the east bank of the tigris
~city walls 30m high
~30m high towers on top of walls
~wide enough for 3 chariots to ride side by side
~moat 50m wide and 18m deep
~15 entrances
~near today's mosul, iraq
~exact spot is fields, hills, a dump
~called "tell kuyunjik" or hill of sheep

~ca 100 years earlier
~went against his will
~read jonah 3
~God had shown mercy once
~they soon forgot and returned to sin

~663bc assyria conquered no-amon (thebes) egypt
~took centuries of wealth
~nahum uses it as comparisson
~thus is past/ latest date for nahum
~612bc chaldeer und meder und sythians defeated assyria
~flood sprung the walls from within, letting in armies
~as in nahum 1:8
~latest date for nahum
~609vc rest of assyrian armee defeated
~israel had already fallen to assyria 722
~judah became vassal state when needed help against egypt
~defeat of assyria ended assyrian age
~reference in OT II kings and II chron

~name means comforter
~from elkos, somewhere in judah (diff theories)
~message fits name
~for juduh, that they will be set free and God is faithful
~no call to repent, it was already set
~probably prophecied in juday as opposed to jonah
~only prophetic text to refer to self as book
~poetical style
~akrophophischer poem, but broken for emphasis

for us:
~romans 11:22
~those parts that are according to Gods will will be blessed and the others cut off
~time for repentance
~take God seriously
~trust in his faithfulness


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