16 April 2009

before i go south..

my reverse migration is comming upon me rather quickly.. unlike birds that fly south in the winter, i will be headed that way for the summer (rather idiotic since i dont like heat). andreas laughed at me for still (after 4 1/2 years in bremen and several in hamburg) not having ever been to the north sea (ocean). we decided to do something about it. spontaneously.

so easter monday we headed off in ben's car for cuxhaven. we went to the beach and waded in the surprisingly warm ocean water and sat on the beach. then visited my friends yvonne and andy for coffee and a recommendation for a good fish restaurant. i know i have never been a big fish fan, so this might surprise you, but: it was increadibly good!!

after dinner we returned to the beach to walk in the watt.. thats the thick mud that is left when the tide goes out. basically the ocean backs up about 12km- all the way to the nearby islands. and people can walk the distance. we didnt, though. it is hard to walk in. we were trying to see the sunset, but it was cloudy, so there wasn't much to see. still cool though.

then we headed home for the night and set out again the next morning to another spot on the north sea, wilhelmshaven. bad idea. ugly city. confusing road signs. and, once we found a beach, it was a man-made one.. they imported sand and charge admission! then the actual shore is lined with pavement and stones. we made the best of it anyway, and were able to find a spot to get down into the hallows once the tide started to pull back and show the watt.

when it got chilly, we headed to oldenburg for dinner. it's a little town near bremen where some of my friends study, yet i had never made the trip. it was quiant and nice. we walked around the town a few times and finally settled on a place for dinner. so i was able to do several of the things i should already have done on this trip. it was a nice farewell-north tour.


At 00:31, Anonymous kate kon said...

awesome! I'm so glad you did this!

At 05:24, Blogger Leigh said...

How fun! Glad you did it!


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