14 May 2009

salim nourallah in nun

last night doro (from bremen) and i went to cafe nun to see a concert by salim nourallah.

the funny thing is, he is from dallas! it was a really cool concert, and i encourage people to look him up (and kelly: we told the story of you and lilly and how it backfired that she moved to dallas, and he laughed at me and said i should send you guys to one of his shows and make sure you go up and say hi and all) his name means peacefull in swahili (dont ask how i know that) and that was the general feeling and the concert as well.

cafe nun is part of a club called kubik, which is also kinda like the freaks and steiger in that it has an alternative style and approach to life with God. the cafe is just a cafe, though. the church part of what they do is (get this) directly across the street from my new apartment. it was cool to meet some people and hang out.


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