12 May 2009

home sweet home

yes, you read correctly: i found an apartment! you cant really see it in this picture but its about the third house in on the right, across from the church. after writting to about a hundred places and visiting around 30, i am really glad to have one.

last night on my way out the door i gave specific intructions to the prayer team that was just meeting up, that they should pray i get a room fast because i am getting weary...

i was supposed to visit two, but they both turned out to be nothing... which was doubly frustrating since i rode a bike through heavy rain to each of them. but while at the second another guy called and asked when i could come. more or less as i joke i said, "how bout now?" and they said ok. so at about 10pm i rode up to the apartment.

the room is 17 square meters. thats the same size as my room (and price- despite this city being generally expensive) in bremen. its also ground floor and has nice windows. i spent an hour hanging out talking to the flatmates- a 20 year old girl who studies architecture, a 30 year old guy who teaches grman and englisch lit, and a 35 year old guy who does performance arts- like unicycling and juggling and stuff.

tonight the call came already- they said they decided pretty quick after i left that they want me to move in, but he waited to call until after work today. and the best part? i can move in this weekend!! so stay tuned for my new adress in the next few days.. if you want it, just send me an email.


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At 04:10, Anonymous katekon said...

AWESOME! I knew it would all work out, but you even surprise me at just HOW well it all works out. Nice work, Xate!

At 12:08, Anonymous grant said...

praise God. we have been praying that you would find a place.


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