03 August 2009

freakstock 09: hand on your heart

wow.. i am having trouble prosessing all the things that happend at freakstock well enough to blog them. it was a lot.

i guess the main thing was seeing people i care about again.. most i see 1-2 times a year, and there were quite a few i havent seen in 5-10 there!!! awesome. this year i worked in careport and translated englisch to german. (and occasionaly reversed) and i limited it to the 5 hours a day i needed to work... unlike most years where i do waaaay more. it was a nice break.. i actually got to go to praise and worship, the services, and a concert or two. i even got the chance to evangelise a guy from the town who came only since they got in free. we left off at him planning to pray every night for a week that God will reveal himself.

there were funny times- stories like hottie and the bavarian tract, the little girls mixed up word use, or how to translate noises.. and serious times- like planning the next convoy, roberts baptism, or the counseling sessions after the workshop i translated. i was doing the marriage seminar from diane bello... and there were arrrrgg times- when i didnt sleep enough, things took to long to set up, the food was cold before we got to eat, and certain As didnt come..

but it was an awesome time. God really provided a great freakstock (and a few yummy drinks, just in time.. i love coffee shops..)

on the way there the blessings started.. a girl decided rather last minute she'd drive and take me (even picked me up 30 minutes out of her way), and even stopped in gilserberg where i used to work. we got out and i spent half an hour talking to andy, my old boss, and his parents. they really need prayer.. he looked horrible. a short time later i got a call that i can have the two rooms in a flat i looked at and really wanted!! i move out of this place on sep 1.

i'll stop there.. just leave you with a brief thought on the motto:
hand on your heart.. honest to yourself, others and God.. where are you right now? what do you need?


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