20 January 2010

street work high

wow... i am flying! today was so increadible! like every wednesday, i went out with gospel tribe and the salvation army to werder platz. there were 5 of us (1 from sal army, me, and three gospel tribe). it was no longer freezing and snowing, which was a plus just from the get-go. it also meant there were more people on the streets for us to talk to.

we'd been praying to run into uwe and his girlfriend evelyn again this week.. last time we gave him a Bible. and they came! turns out they are from another city and just "happened" to be here twice on a wednesday evening. i was able to make a real connection and give a testimony of God's love to uwe, and evelyn talked for the first time! she had been kinda hanging back and very shy.

we also met romeo.. he had been around before, but always declined a coffee or conversation. this time he came because christin was playing guitarre. he left his bike unlocked, and went into the bakery to ask for milk (we didnt have any more for the coffee). when we were leaving and he still hadn't come back, i said they should wait while i go let him know. this simple act touched his heart so much, that he opened up a little and asked for prayer for himself and his children.

there were a handfull of similar stories today.. which is actually rather unusual. we are generally happy if even one of us has a good conversation. today we ALL had them.. and i had at least 3!! God is really working in people's hearts.


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