23 December 2009

christmas on the streets

today we went out to deliver gifts to the homeless at werder platz. i was expecting a small group, but due to flu season and dario throwing out his back, only christine from the salvation army and i could make it. no worries! we made a lot of coffee and tea, prayed and headed out.. we had 26 presents, and were able to pass out 18 of them and have some good conversations. it doesnt seem like a lot- especially compared to the almost 200 gifts we passed out last year in bremen- but karlsruhe is a different place, and the fringe groups aren't as easily accessible. since there were two of us, i think this was a pretty good group.. this way we were able to talk to a few people more in depth and also give two of the men gifts for a wife and kid and an elderly neighbor. afterwards christine took me for pizza and we talked about my vision for the city and where i see myself.. i think good things will come of it. stay tuned...


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