30 November 2009

i made it

one year ago, i made a commitment. i asked a few people o help me stay accountable. i decided to read the Bible in a year. in chronological order. in german.

i started december 1, 2008. it is now november 30, 2009. it is 22:21.. thus a mere hour and a half until that year is over. and i have just read, "Die Gnade des Herrn Jesus sei mit allen!" (Rev 22;21) thus ends my year commitment.

so what will the new year challenge be? i am thinking of trying to memorize a chapter of the Bible a month (in german). that's 12 chapters by next thanksgiving, basically. anyone want to join me on this challenge? any suggestions for chapters? my first three, i think, will be obadja (the book is a chapter), 2 john (ditto), and psalm 91. i am disqualifying anything i already learned (like psalm 103) or know most of (like romans 8) and will instead review next december all 12 plus my previous memory work. am open for suggestions and others to challenge themselves to this as well (its easier in groups..)


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