05 October 2009

sick messenger and peoples bible

yeah! today i got not just one piece of mail, but two! the jesus freaks magazine, "the sick messenger" came today.. they sent me a special copy because they printed a short story of mine called "kraftlos" (meaning "powerless") about a homeless woman.. it's part of a longer piece i am working on, and i was quite nervous when they asked me to publish it. still haven't gotten any feedback, so we'll see..

the second thing was a "people's bible".. thats my translation. the guy who started the jesus freaks way back in the 90s has translated the new testament and most of the old into the youth jargon.. its more of a paraphrase like the "message" and then in really funky hip-hop language. i have the new testament, but the old one just came out.. and they held a raffle for all submissions to "the sick messenger" and i won it!! yeah.. so i will be taking a look at that. only thing is it stops before my favorite parts (psalms-they are now raps and minor prophets)


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