26 August 2009

look inward

i thought i would offer a slight insight into how i am doing right now. basically.. i'm struggling to find the positive aspects with all the difficult things going on recently. i still don't know where i will be moving to next week (although i am now fairly confident i won't need to find a bridge to sleep under); the current project of teaching other missionaries the german language is stressing me out (why don't they study? why don't they go to language school?? i am sooo not a teacher); the long-term project is still so conceptual that i am having trouble believing we will ever get there (have i mentioned it yet? its to have a "open livingroom/cafe/meeting space/church/counseling center/ emergency center/youth club thing...maybe i should do a post on it seperatly); gram's health and my parents well being is on my mind (and i am too far away to really do anything but pray); my health is still unchanged; and there's this guy biding his time (17 months and counting).

and since i don't just want to gripe.. i will sit here until i come up with a good side. [insert long thinking pause] i have been amazingly reconnected with several old friends recently (asaf and gideon from my time in africa, uwe from the ministry in kassel i worked with is now in karlsruhe, i might get to see an old prayer friend from london soon) [more thinking] and also found ways to meet non-ministry germans (ie possible targets for ministry) through couchsurfing club, the apartment search, and the bike shop that fixed my bike for cake (twice). also.. i am almost finished with the old testament! woohoo. (now if i could just do a theology masters and my thesis on minor prophets...) [some praying] and i do believe God has a place in mind for me to live.

thanks for the prayers and birthday greetings. still waiting for that lamborghini to arrive.


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