20 August 2009

apartment update (prayer request)

so.. i just got back from an exhausting excursion. i went to meet my new landlords at 6pm.. i thought we would be making the rental contract (as did my new flat mate).... but instead, they gave me a form to fill out "selbstauskuenft" (personal information) with things like where i work and how much i make... and they asked a lot of questions. they seemed quite nice, but were worried as to the nature of the steiger verein. then they informed us that there are other interested parties for the apartment, not just me. oops. friends of friends or something. i am REALLY worried. i already told my flatmates here in chaosland that i am moving out (and have been getting the fallout) several weeks ago, and we found my replacement several days ago. soooo... if for some reason i cannot more into this new place, i still have to move out of my current one.. oops.

so i rode from that interview back up to steiger, and asked michael (the boss man) to take time away from his young sick son to write me a reference.. got a good one.. then grabbed some info letters and brochures about steiger, ate their leftovers, and rode all the way back to the new apartment to give them to the landlord.. and then came here. by the way, this is a record ot day in karlsruhe and i rode my bike for about two hours back and forth and back again.. so i am dead tired. but hey..good workout.

so.. please, pray that they decide i am a decent person and a qualified renter and let me move in next weekend!! otherwise i'll be looking for a comfy bridge to put my red sofa under..


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