31 August 2009

something new (testament)

some people might remember that i am reading the BIble through chronologically (more or less) in a year, and have convinced some others to as well.. so today we start in on the new testament (follow the link by clicking on the posts title), so if there is anyone out there who was reading along and fell behind, or wants to start up for the second part.. let me know. its more fun knowing who is reading along, so we can encourage one another and sometimes discuss what we have read..

other new things involve me moving this week within karlsruhe. i got a room at least.. so i guess thats a good thing. i am not too excited about it though. kinda an emergency solution. maybe it will surprise me, though. i'll send my new adress out per mail soon. if you dont get a mail by the weekend and would like my address, just leave me a message (or check the spam filter).


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