11 November 2009

rediscovering passion

ok, i know i have been a sloppy blogger.. i'm sorry. i should personal apoloize to all 9 of you readers.. it has been an intense time of adjustment to the new ministry and location. i am still trying to find exactly where i fit in. these past few weeks though, my heart has really started to come alive again and begin pounding out it's dreams. i have been doing a lot towards that.. although some of it might seem hard to follow.

first off, i got into some conversations with a few future ex-smokers about substance abuse. it really reminded me why i got into drug counselling in the first place, and that i really have a heart for helping people overcome their addictions (and the various things that cause or are caused by them). i still don't think i will be going back into full time street work in karlsruhe, but i want to get involved a little. the next few weeks i will be checking out where the homeless, junkies and punks are hanging out and start making connections to the local help organizations that are already in place. (my first contact was made sunday... but more on that later) then i want to do the december 6th gifts and feast for them.. (dec 6 is in germany the day nikolaus comes) like the last years, i hope to be able to cook something warm and bake cookies for people, and take gifts of warm things (hats, shawls, gloves, blankets..) and Bibles for anyone in need.. focusing on the homeless, but with open eyes for others who we might meet.

the other thing i really noticed is that i need a creative outlet. i want.. no.. need... to get back into art.. making films and such. my flat mates have really infected me- they are all sculpture students. so i am trying to ebay a final cut studio (1/2/3..i dont care) and start creating again. i have a few old ideas i would like to get around to (like the gang film on the 10 commandments) and a few new ones as well.

and a third thing has come up which i am surprised by a bit.. i have been involved with a LOT of foreigners living in Germany, and have been building more and more connections to them.. it's a group i never thought about reaching out to before, even though i belong to it.. so we'll see..


At 19:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm reader #10!

At 04:03, Blogger xate said...

hm. a reader who i can't identify with name? i do know where you're from though, thanks to my funky reader count thingy.. must admit to being intrigued..

At 18:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll give you a clue.

We once played truth or dare during a sleepover; I lost a dare and ended up having to "play" the guitar in front of a lot of our friends the next morning.


At 03:54, Blogger xate said...

hmm.. i have a feeling that was a very long time ago...
can you really expect an old gramma like me to remember?
i think it must be someone from nwb...
at first i thought africa.. but the tennessee stories dont match up..

At 21:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry; I didn't intend for the clue to be difficult. I guess my embarrassed memories of that event make it stand out to me. :)

Yes, it was a very long time ago at NWB. You and I were good friends. We've communicated recently a couple of times.

At 03:37, Blogger xate said...

maybe the name is just throwing me off.. i keep thinking about people whose name starts with m.. as in M.R.
but the person who makes more sense is N.J.
bah. i am not a good guesser! i admit! i'll give you a clue who i am: cate. ;-)

At 05:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, it's me!


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