02 December 2009

back in bremen?! erm.. no..

ok, so this picture is from bremen.. its hans. today i went out again with the gospel tribe to do some street ministry. we hung out at the "werder platz" (which is funny, because the name "werder" is the bremen soccer team name) and i talked to a man that was so similar to hans that it made me homesick for bremen. they could be brothers. they aren't. this guy is a few years older, but has the same build and tone and manner. i think he used to be a doctor, but it seemed like he didn't want to go there, so i didn't ask directly. he travelled a lot and has read a lot. he kept singing the names of the notes we played on the guitarre, since he didn't know the words. one of us would play, and he would sing "a-c-a-d.." if anyone else had done it, it would of been annoying. he was charming. i really hope i get a chance to know him better and help him get to know God a bit.


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