04 May 2010

money and presents

ok, i hate to do this.. but the german government is kinda forcing me.. they need to see proof that i am making 650e a month in donations in order to let me sty here. they wont just let me get a part time job. sooo...

anyone who decides that sponsoring me to do what i do (ie work with homeless, drug addicts and punks on the streets of germany) and can send me a written promise of that this week (to be sure, maybe email a pdf and mail a real paper) of at least 10e a month for a year will recieve a little thank you gift from me.. something i sew or some chocolates i make myself or something. it'll be nice. but cheap, just something i make. (have to be a good steward of the donations, right?) if you want to sponsor me and don't already have my adress, leave me your email in the comments or write me at que_tea (its a hotmail and a com address.)



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