24 March 2010

quick update

ok, so i have been neglecting to write. sorry! i have had a lot going on..

ministry wise, our outreaches on werder platz were really difficult the past few weeks, but tonight we saw a breakthrough. we stayed out an hour longer than normal because the conversations were sooo good. i had a great drug counseling conversation with one guy and another good one about God.

personally, i am again facing that pesky little task of fighting the german authorities for my visa. i have already been in and working on it, and i go in again tomorrow again. the tasks of this week are: 1. get my residence changed (finally got my rent contract! i moved in in sep..) and 2. get the foreign services office to request my paperwork from bremen. my visa is good till april 30, so i thought i am fine time wise.. they aren't as sure. they said it will be a tight fit. please pray they get it fast enough and can process me by april 30.

also.. as always.. i do not exactly qualify for a visa. now i am in a new, more conservative city... so speaking in human terms, i am in trouble. i guess that's where it's good to have God on your side. i am still kinda scared, though.. it would NOT be good to have to move to switzerland at this point (nothing against the swiss.. it's just soo far away...)

the other personal thing is, andreas and i have been dating for two years now!! yeah! to celebrate (and....?!?!) he has invited me to go to paris over easter weekend.... *hope*


At 09:27, Blogger Leigh said...

ooo Paris!

At 18:23, Blogger Msheepers said...

Glad to hear that the ministry has been going well recently!

I only had to get a visa renewed once in Spain, and that was many years ago.

What kind of issues do you face with renewing your visa? Does Germany put a lot of restrictions on visa renewals in order to limit the number of foreigners?

At 00:29, Anonymous Interesting viewing said...

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At 23:13, Blogger Sephora said...

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happy easter


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