17 February 2010

brrrrrrrr und grrrrrrrrr

street work today was rather miserable. i know i am probably supposed to be super happy that i was able to go out in the freezing drizzle and not talk to people... but well..... it kinda seemed pointless today. the intro kinda summed it up: its literally freezing, yet it was alternatively raining and snowing... mush on the streets (scary to bike in..). and due to the weather (?) also almost nothing going on. still, coffee and tea in tow we headed out to werder platz (with a rather small group today.. we were down by 3) and no one was there. at all. we waited. and waited. and started to have our toes go numb. and then chrissy came.. he ws so drunk that he won't remember it by tommorow. he was rather obnoxious, too.. made fun of me the whole time and did tricks on me.. usually i look forward to talking with him, and have had some really good conversations, so it was especially disappointing. oh well. maybe we had just gotten too used to the exceptionally good weeks we've been having this year.

on the bright side, someone from Gospel Tribe bought me some black olives and goat cheese. so i am off to make hummus and then eat wraps..


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