08 July 2010

Sponsors Needed

in case someone is wondering, if there is anything they can do to support me and my ministry, there is! first.. pray! then..

~ i still need 122e in monthly support from now until the end of the year.
~ for 2011 i still need 302e a month
this money helps to pay for my running costs, the things i need to be able to stay in full time ministry. no luxury cars, i promise (i ride a bike). this is the minimum set forth by the german welfare system.

~ i am looking for people who specifically want to support me as a student of theology. starting in september i will be enrolled, seeing as how this is the only way to get a visa. my tuition is 300e monthly plus books, of which 200e will (hopefully) be covered by the salvation army for the work i do there. studying will prepare me even better for my ongoing ministry.

~ the open living room is starting, and needs a few larger items (refrigerator, oven, furniture, maybe a dishwasher) any one time gifts towards these things would be appreciated. if you aren't familiar with my vision for this space, please take a look at the photos and texts below.


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