14 June 2010

the BBQ gospel

i am not a very big fan of summer. give me spring or fall.. jeans and a light jacket: perfect. but there is one advantage to doing ministry in the summer: BBQ. this week marks the start of one of the most well received evangelism techniques. we will be inviting all the drug addicts, homeless, punks- whoever we find on the streets- to come to the banquet, grab some meat and potato salad, and hear about Jesus. the advantages are numerous.. we will be on our turf not the streets, we have good food which meats (haha pun) the immediate need, there will be no alcohol, drugs or violence (we hope), and i get to hold a short sermon. the sermon is something we don't do in streetwork, there it is all about one-on-one. the conversations are important- they show our "clients" that we take an interest in them and their ideas. they allow for questions and answers (which can be challenging at times), and they build relationships. but a sermon is different... it allows me to share the gospel in a way that is non-threatening, to talk (mostly) uninterrupted and thus make it to the point, and for the guests to listen and reflect without being scrutinized by their peers. so i am looking forward to it...

but what should i preach on?!


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