17 June 2011

dead blog?

ok, so i have been trying to at least occasionally update the blog... but its difficult now, where a lot of what i do falls under the category not-for-the-public (ie my work at the jails)

so.. is anyone even still reading? do you want to read about me, personally, or about me in ministry?


At 15:54, Anonymous Tina said...

Ich kann auf deinem anderen Blog nicht kommentieren, daher mach ich`s mal hier. Ich lese nach wie vor immer gern bei dir mit und fände es sehr schade, würdest du aufhören.
Jetzt habe ich erstmal Lesestoff, hier steht ja einiges mehr :-) .
Liebe Grüße vonner Insel,

At 18:57, Anonymous Arianne said...


I check your blog every couple of months. I haven't heard from you in awhile. I hope everything is going ok :) I see that you moved recently. Could I get your new address?


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