18 November 2010

where are you?!

that's the question i have been asked a LOT this week, and i guess it's fair, since i was supposed to have been deported on monday and never really got around to telling anyone that plans changed... but really, if i HAD been deported, i would of bloged/facebooked/stirred up international news coverage/ cried about it everywhere.

so yeah, i am [still, for now] in germany. and i have delayed the packing up of my personal items [for now] but haven't brought the stuff back that had already been banned to the basement either. they have a stack of new paperwork from me an inch thick (i hope the german government recognises my hat tip to bureacracy in that) and will be taking a while to get through it all. so they gave me a stay through january.

looks like i won't be "home" for christmas.. instead i'll be staying home.

ministry wise... winter is upon us, making street work that much more miserable. every winter i wonder why i do this.. but i guess i can't stop either. there's just something about the hopelessness. as every year i am now collecting warm things to be passed out as part of my st. nicks day action... the german kids get gifts in their shoes on the 6th of december, i am trying to do the same for the homeless (like, you know, SOCKS in their shoes..) if anyone feels like donating a little extra for socks/blankets/thermal undies/ hats/gloves/scarves....you get the picture.. drop me a line and i'll give you my paypal details. or come on over and help me pass things out! (i have a fold out bed and a sofa, but warning i snore).

and also i was thinking of cooking a thanksgiving meal over at the salvation army this year. since i don't know when thanksgiving is, and no one here cares i will just pick a random day in the next week or two.


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