20 October 2010

still alive..

hey.. since not much has been going on that i deemed blog worthy, i have kinda been neglecting this space. in not so blog worthy news, a lot has been going on.. i am still fighting for my visa, but there is nothing new about that.

i started my masters of theology, which i feel will help me further my ministry. it's challenging, yet a lot of fun.. i really love the different style of challenge. my brain hasn't done school work in.. uhm, a decade. wow... that makes me sound old. i am currently memorizing 150 verses from the New Testament (although a "verse" according to my schools definition is usually 2 or more literal verses (up to half of Romans 8 counts as "one verse") oh, and those are in German, of course.. as is the reading and my papers.... so i am actually learning "proper" German after 12 years of street-slang German.

it's getting cold outside! that means it is harder to find my people on the streets, but when i do, they are more thankful for the coffee than usual. i am hoping that there will be some deeper conversations starting, now that i have been working with the same group for about a year it seems time for a breakthrough.

the pic is a very special birthday-christmas-birthday package that "flew" in ;-)


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